Seeking wholeness in a broken world through
extravagant welcome, inclusion and justice.

We are a faith community of the United Church of Christ, committed to hearing God's ancient story anew in our lives and in the world today. Our faith arises out of the belief that God is love, that God calls us to love one another, and that Jesus sought to reorder the world in such a way where the last are first, where the "untouchable" are embraced, where women are disciples, where sinners (all of us) have a place at the table, where children are gathered up and cherished, and where love is more powerful than violence or even death.  We seek to pick up where Jesus left off—seeking wholeness in a fragmented world, working towards social justice, supporting the marginalized, seeking health and healing, caring for the earth, recognizing our own broken parts and scars, and of course, eating and drinking with friends and strangers.   We cherish some traditional forms of worship and maintain deep roots in ancient Christian  traditions, and we are also open to being “church” in new ways that recognize the still speaking voice of God that is active and alive in our world.  We hope you might join us.