Only in the very most recent period in Christianity has there been a movement to have different kinds of ministries that engage people depending on their ages.  At CCC we recognize there are times that are important for children and youth to be in fellowship with children and youth their own ages, but the Church is a place where they can develop relationships with people of all ages and background and we feel that is really important.  

For youth that are 5th grade and older, we work at having worship being more engaging and experiential for them so they don't just sit through worship, but so they might worship/engage the divine with all of us.  For our younger children, we begin worship with everyone and part way through the service we bless our children and allow them to head off for a developmentally appropriate Sunday School.  We use "A Joyful Path" which is a wonderful progressive Christian Curriculum, as well as Nobel Peace Prize winner Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu's "Story Book Bible" which incorporates diverse images of God's story (videos for each are to the left).  We also do a lot of inter-generational activities, including social events, but especially community service together outside of worship.  Check out our Roots and Shoots program in our Social Justice section for more information about this and opportunities for children, youth and adults engage in the work of Jesus in this world.