Community Church hosts weddings, funerals, and spaces for social events, parties, on-going group meetings, etc...  

for those in our greater community regardless of faith affiliation or sexual orientation.  All are welcome. 

Please contact us with questions or to check scheduling.

If you are interested in inviting a non United Church of Christ clergy member to perform 

a religious ceremonies in our sanctuary please direct that request to our minister.  Thank you.  

Fees for Non-Members:

1.) Weddings

  • Pastor’s Honorarium (paid to Pastor) $250 OR $50 if you utilize your own clergy.
  • Sanctuary & Narthex $500

Optional services provided for weddings:

  • Swiler Hall & Kitchen $150
  • Pianist (paid to pianist) $200 + $100 extra for a rehearsal if requested  

2.) Funerals

  • Pastor’s Honorarium (paid to Pastor) $200
  • Sanctuary & Narthex $300
  • Pianist (paid to pianist) $200


3.) Meetings, parities, events, etc...

  • Swiler Hall $50 per hour or $200 all day
  • Kitchen $75 up to all day
  • Classrooms & Library $50/2 hours (in 2 hour increments)

Required for one time events (not regularly scheduled groups, such as weddings, funerals, etc...):

  • Church Consultant at event to unlock doors and be present for the event when the minister and/or a Church member is not already present at the event (paid to consultant to be present for events) $10 per hour
  • Sexton/janitor (paid to Sexton) Under 100 in attendance $75, over 100 in attendance $150

Security Deposit (by separate check) $250

Because a group meets in Swiler Hall on Saturday nights,

it is NOT available for Saturday evening functions after 6:30 pm.

Additional Information:

Sanctuary Aisle is 50’ long

Sanctuary Seating – 250 people

Church can provide – Candelabras & pew candle holders

Deposit required on all rentals and is subject to a full refund based on returning the property to its original clean state.

Any damage in excess of the deposit will be lessee’s responsibility.  No alcohol is permitted on the premises. 

DISCLAIMER: Community Church of Chesterland disclaims all liability for any bodily injury or injury to personal property as a consequence of any action or conduct on the part of lessee or any person on the premises during lessee’s use of premises, whether such bodily injury or injury to property occurs on or off the premises.