What we mean by inclusive worship is that we try to make the entire worship service as much about our youngest and our oldest members as the folks in between those ages, and always has some aspects from different cultures included.  Most weeks are different.  We engage in prayer stations monthly, as well as "special music" 2-3 times a month which might be a folk singer, global music, a blues band, a brass band, a soloist doing a pop song, etc...  We try to use music from different cultures and different tempos, we use lots of different and gender inclusive images and types of language for God (including diverse ethnic images of Jesus and characters from the bible), and we try to integrate different types of art into worship like dance, poetry, pictures/paintings, multi-media, etc...  Our children are invited to leave during part of the service to engage in the story in a age appropriate way near by, but it is not because we don't want them in worship.  Infants and toddlers as well as children are welcome to stay, or to leave during portions of worship with Sunday school teachers.  There is also space set aside for quiet play for small children both in the rear of the sanctuary and in the Narthex area where parents can still hear and see the service.  We're not all the way there yet, but we are working on it every single Sunday so we can have a meaningful experience for all ages.  Our worship is outdoors in the summer time in our pavilion that over looks the beautiful ravine that Caves Rd. is named for. Our goal is for you to expect a little of the unexpected each Sunday because our faith takes us in unexpected directions.