Inter-generational Summer Volunteer Trips

CCC plans and leads annual inter-generational volunteer trips.  Sometimes our teens and adults volunteer outside our community, even outside our state.  For the past few years we have hosted a trip for our middle school youth (and included adults, teens and sometimes children) where we engage with non-profits in our community, especially organizations that our members are involved with or that our Church partners with.  We vary with where and how we serve, but our goal is always to serve "with" others.  We recognize the diverse gifts all people have to share with us so it isn't about us giving to them, but a relationship of giving and respect.  We also cherish working with animals.  We have regularly volunteered at the "Hiram Farm" (which serves adults on the Autism spectrum) as well as "In Step With Horses" which is a therapeutic equestrian organization.  Some of our younger members have volunteered at Rescue Village (the Geuaga Humane Society) where some of our adult members are regular volunteers.  We enjoy it all.