I sometimes get calls or emails from folks who are interested in visiting Community Church who ask "what to expect" if they come to worship?  The great thing is that we seek for every Sunday to be a little (or a lot) different.  However, on every Sunday, you can expect to be welcomed and invited to eat a little with us after worship.  You can expect to celebrate ancient rituals as well as new ways of seeking the divine together through contemporary culture (pop music videos, Broadway Musical series, etc...).  You can expect old-time hymns, spirituals, "pop" and "global" music.  You can expect that there might be a guest musician that Sunday singing country, folk, pop, etc...  You can expect a lot of diversity to our worship.   You can expect to worship outdoors in the summer.  You can expect that children will be welcomed and engaged and if they make noise or wander a bit during worship, we understand--THEY ARE CHILDREN!  You can expect that occasionally you might be invited to participate in prayer stations around the sanctuary.   You can expect a diversity of images of God and Jesus (Jesus wasn't white).  You can expect a community of faith that seeks to welcome and include everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, age, ability, class, or any other difference that ordinarily seeks to divide us in our society.  You can expect the minister to relate the message to what is going on in the world today and in our lives.  You can expect themes of justice, inclusion, love and grace throughout worship.  You can expect a community where you will be welcomed and included.  You can expect an emphasis on social justice and inclusion.  I hope you find all this to be true when you visit, if not, please be invited to let us know so we can genuinely strive to do better to live up to our vision of the Church.  

Rev. Jason