Join us Sunday mornings at 10am in person outdoors in our beautiful pavilion set in the woods behind the church.


Join via Zoom with this link.

In this time of social isolation, fear and tragic loss, we as Christians search for ways to continue to be the Church, to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus in this world.  There are many, many ways for us to do this depending on our gifts and circumstances.  Check out some ideas HERE for those of us who are looking for more ways to continue to be the Church until we can gather again as a community of faith.  Peace be with you!  

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"Who of us is going to be Jesus? Who of us has the courage to be Jesus?" Intrigued?
Be sure to listen to the beautiful music from our musicians and ponder the deeper meaning of the scriptures with Rev. Carol's message.

Enjoy the beautiful music, prayers, imagery, and message from our 7/18/2021 Service.

The service focuses on and pays to reverence to Psalm 23.

Enjoy the beautiful music and special guest stewardship speakers talk about where and how we all can fit into our church family & mission, from our 7/11/2021 Zoom Service.

Pastor Carol reflects on our celebration of independence and making sense of it in the world we live in today and some history of how we got here. As usual, she weaves a beautiful story told from her serene backyard and patio pondering our freedom on this 4th of July, 2021. Enjoy!