In this time of social isolation, fear and tragic loss, we as Christians search for ways to continue to be the Church, to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus in this world.  There are many, many ways for us to do this depending on our gifts and circumstances.  Check out some ideas HERE for those of us who are looking for more ways to continue to be the Church until we can gather again as a community of faith.  Peace be with you!  

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Happy Parent's Day! Our Sunday Service from 5/9/2021.

We celebrated what we traditionally call Mother's Day - updated now to be more inclusive and modern, reflecting the fact that families come in all kinds of configurations.
We were blessed to have a married male couple that are a part of our church family, share with us their decisions and thoughtful process of adopting their children and how they have become a family - a modern family. It's a moving and very special discussion, led by Pastor Carol in an interview format, as they provided us insight into their beautiful story. Happy Parent's Day!